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10. April 2011 7 10 /04 /April /2011 01:05

Eine junge libysche Frau wandte sich per Facebook an die Öffentlichkeit, um ihre Meinung kundzutun. Sie heißt Yasmeen Ali  Ich möchte ihre Worte hier wiedergeben. Sie ist eine von Vielen, Menschen aus Libyen, die eigentlich alle dasselbe sagen: Wir wollen unsere Unabhängigkeit, wir wollen selbst entscheiden, wie es mit unserem Land weitergeht. Wir wenden uns gegen die Lügen- und Hetzkampagne, die in der ganzen Welt gegen unser Land gerichtet ist und gegen Muammar Al Gaddafi und unsere Regierung. Wir wollen keine Bomben mehr und keine Banditen, die unser Land zerstören. Aber hier die Stimme einer jungen Libyerin selbst:

Dear Sir/Madam

Unfortunately many of you out there were misled by the whole campaign against my country Libya. This campaign was led by the powerful media around the globe such as the B.B.C in the west and Al Jazeera in the Middle East.  Please allow me to exercise my basic right as a human being first and second as a Libyan person who seeks the true story about the current situation in my country right now.  It does not really need much time for people, who deep down in their hears believe in the right of each nation to be free to choose the way they live according to their own values and traditions and not by just applying and accepting what others ask them to do. Here I mean that Libyan people are not stupid and are perfectly able to know what is best for them. Being with Muamer Cadaffi does not mean as the westerns and some Libyan who betrayed their county and people try to convince the world out there is hell. Both sides say he is a dictator and my simple question here is why?  Is it because he kicked out the British, American, Italian and the French out of Libya over 40 years ago. Or is it because he nationalised the Libyan resources such as oil from those countries. Is it because he has supported Libyan women right from day one to be heard and free to choose their own lives and be able to say Yes and No to the old aggressive attitude against them. Or is it because he believes in his own people and has sent many young Libyan to study abroad to have chance to equip themselves with the latest technologies and skills in every field of sciences. Or is it because he is the last Arabic leader who still stand-up and still able to say NO to Britain and America.  Please I know many of you out there can have few minutes to listen to their own hearts and open-up their minds to think for few seconds and try to see the whole picture not only part of it. I trust you as human beings who have much to share with the Libyan people who are still targeted by the coalition missiles to this moment while I am writing to you for nothing just because they all say NO with their leader Muamer Al cadaffi to the aggressive intervention against our county since 19 of March.

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